Products of quarrying
Dried dolomite grinds
Fractions Scope of applicationt
00-0,100 mm for mixing in nutriments, soil improvement, for the production of asphalt as well as in the paint, chemical and plastic industry, or in the production of filling materials
00-0,250 mm for mixing in nutriments, production of tileglue and plasters as well as in the paint and chemical industry or plastic processing
00-0,900 mm for mixing in nutriments and for the production of plasters
0,1-0,900 mm in the glass-industry
0,9-2,5 mm for the production of plasters, for the production of ashlers
0-200 mm it is a kind of filling material for roads and it could be useful for the exchange of soil
Peat exploitation:
Products Scope of application
raw peat/unprocessed to be used as mushroom-cover
rough-ground peat useful for soil improvement or for basic material of blackmould
milled peat mixed with other materials it can be used for the production of various blackmould

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